Volume 6, 2019

Volume 6, 2019
SPECIAL ISSUE: Exploring Cross Border Cultural Policy in Practice

Table of Contents

Exploring Cross-Border Cultural Policy in Practice, Special Issue Introduction
p. 2-22

This article outlines the importance of considering cultural policy on the island of Ireland in a cross-border context and reflects on learning gained from an event on the subject co-organised by Cultural Policy Observatory Ireland, the Social Innovation Network and Dublin City University at The Garage Theatre in Monaghan in November 2018.

Key words: Cultural Policy; Republic of Ireland; Northern Ireland; Brexit; European Union

The Irish Cultural Borderscape
p. 23-33

This paper discusses the Irish cultural borderscape, or border region, as the epicentre for the development of cross-border cultural policy. Where PEACE projects have funded efforts that encourage the search for commonalities and a respect for difference, the paper posits that the Brexit process reasserts the differences that the Irish borderscape has been challenging for twenty years.

Key words: Brexit; Cultural Policy; Ireland; Peace; Border

Reflections on the Context and Logistics of Cross-Border Partnerships
p. 34-42

This paper is reproduction of thoughts shared by Anthony Soares, Acting Director of the Centre for Cross Border Studies at an event exploring cross-border cultural policy in practice, held in November 2018.

Key words: Cross-Border; Partnerships; Good Friday Agreement; Common Chapter; Brexit; Ireland

Working with the Presence of a Border: An Artist’s Perspective
p. 43-53

Dylan Quinn, of Dylan Quinn Dance Company, describes the unique aspects of relationship-building and community engagement in a cross-border, cross-community context and calls for greater recognition of the voice of the artist in developing long term policy change for the arts and cultural sector. 

Key words: Artist; Pettigo; Border; Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre; Cultural Policy; Ireland

Cultural Gateways: The Role of Museums in Cross-Border Relations
p. 54-65

This paper looks at the context of cross-border working on the island of Ireland through the lens of its museums. The policy frameworks and breadth of activity are discussed in addition to the challenges posed by Brexit – specifically for partnerships and networks.

Key words: Museums; Education; Cultural Policy; EU Funding; Brexit; Ireland

The Meaning and Importance of Working Cross-Border: A Local Authority Perspective
p. 66-81

This paper discusses the meaning and origins of cross-border working, particularly the importance of this work and the relationships which are formed in resourcing and nurturing the arts. While focused on  the perspective of local government, the paper draws from  views of artists, senior council officials and community leaders adding to understanding of the practicalities, challenges and potentialities of working in a local context for ensuring a sustainable approach to arts development.

Key words: Local Authority; Cavan; Border; Communities; Arts Office; Arts Strategy; Cultural Strategy; Ireland; Cultural Policy

International perspectives on Cross-Border working 
p. 82-93

This paper provides an international perspective on cross-border working and reflects on the policy frameworks which promote cross-border working through the lens of the Belfast International Arts Festival. It suggests that Brexit will impact artist mobility, funding, and market competition in the arts and proposes that the most urgent issue is the potential of Brexit to dimantle the complex and multi-layered notions of identity in Northern Ireland and how we articulate our common European heritage.

Key words: International; Collaboration; Belfast International Arts Festival; Brexit; European Identity