Volume 5, 2018-19

Volume 5, 2018-19

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From Participation to Performance: the impact arts management can have on an inclusive choir’s identity

Through a case study of the Open Arts community choir’s engagement in a televised talent show, this research article explores the complex influences of managers such as TV producers on the performance and misrepresentation of inclusive choirs.

Keywords: Inclusive choirs; Event management; performance

POLICY REVIEW: Creative Ireland

A reflective and critical review of Creative Ireland Programme/Clár Éire Ildánach 2017- 2022, analysed alongside the Creative Ireland Programme 2017 End of Year Report.

Keywords: Creative Ireland; Creativity; Strategy

PERSPECTIVES ON PRACTICE: What will the outcome of Outcomes-Based Accountability be for Northern Ireland’s arts and cultural organisations?

The first piece for Perspectives in Practice, Margaret Henry of Thrive examines the implications, challenges and potential benefits of the introduction of an Outcomes-Based Accountability approach to government planning by the Northern Ireland Executive.

Keywords: Impact; Outcomes; Accountability; Strategic Planning

NEW VOICES: Gender-proofing cultural institutions: a case study on Project Arts Centre

Examining the gendered conditions of cultural production, this case study of the Project Arts Centre proposes solutions to gender inequalities through the mobilisation of cultural institutions as Feminist spaces.

Keywords: Gender; cultural institutions; feminist theory; gender regimes

NEW VOICES: New Voices: A discussion of methods to measure the economic impact of arts and cultural events
Sian McInerney

This research paper interrogates the methods used by Grant Thornton to measure the economic impact of Limerick City of Culture and proposes alternate local/non-local expenditure segmentation as a more accurate method.

Keywords: Capital of culture, city of culture, cultural economics, cultural impact

BOOK REVIEW: Culture, Democracy and the right to make art: the British Community Arts Movement (edited by Alison Jeffers and Gerry Moriarty)
Steven Hadley

With cultural democracy ‘having a moment’, Moriarty and Jeffers curation recollections reclaims some of the knowledge of the community arts movement of the pre-digital 1970s and 1980s and emphasises its intrinsic roots in wider social and political movements for greater democracy.

Keywords: cultural democracy; community arts

Editorial Board:
Pat Cooke (University College Dublin); Victoria Durrer (Queen’s University Belfast); Ali FitzGibbon (Queen’s University Belfast); Emily Mark-FitzGerald (University College Dublin); Niamh NicGhabhann (University of Limerick)