Volume 3, 2015

Volume 3, 2015
Mapping an Altered Landscape: Cultural Policy and Management in Ireland

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Conference Organisers’ Introduction
Course Director, MA in Arts Management & Cultural Policy, University College Dublin
Lecturer in the Dept of humanities and Arts Management, Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design & Technology

Editor’s Introduction


Principal & Managing Director, Leeds College of Music

Gerry Godley, a founder member of the National Campaign for the Arts in Ireland (2008), reflected on the impact that the global economic recession had had on cultural policy and arts practice in Ireland.

Key words: cultural policy; National Campaign for the Arts; economy; recession; Ireland

Independent Director & Business Advisor

Claire Duignan, formerly a senior executive with the Irish broadcasting service (RTE) and an experienced board member, spoke about the need for arts organisations to diversify their sources of funding in times of recession and lamented the absence of broadcasters from the wider debate about cultural policy.

Key words: arts funding; enterprise; sponsorship; RTÉ; Ireland

Chief Executive, Mayo County Council

Peter Hynes, chief executive of an Irish local authority, described how local government was now much more about collaborative service delivery, place making and community development, projects in which the arts were seen as playing a central role. 

Key words: local authority; placemaking; arts; culture; collaboration; Ireland


Artist Alan Counihan spoke his experience tendering for public artwork commissioned by the Arts Council and other bodies and how this experience reflected both the strengths and weaknesses of Irish arts policy. 

Key words: public art; local authority; artist; commission; Ireland

Entrepreneur, Arts Consultant, Author

Mary Carty, entrepreneur and author, observed how our thinking about cultural products and practices can become siloed. The solution is to invest in and develop our capacity for collaborative practice, cutting cuts across artificial divisions between the arts and the cultural industries.

Key words: technology; policy; digital media; games; film; animation; Ireland

Chair, Heritage Council

Conor Newman, archaeologist, academic, and then chairman of the Heritage Council, wanted to drive home the message that investment in culture is investment in society and that cultural education should lie at the heart of cultural policy.

Key words: recession; arts; heritage; policy; Ireland

Postscript: Reflections on the Cultural Policy Conference, Belfield, UCD, June 2014
Minister for Education and Skills, 2011-2014

Ruairi Quinn, Minister for Education (2011-14), offered a reflection on the achievements of Irish cultural policy since the foundation of the state and the challenges and opportunities facing the Irish cultural sector as it recovered from the impact of the 2008 economic collapse.

Key words: Irish state; cultural policy; arts funding; recession; government; education

Conference Programme & Acknowledgments 

The Mapping an Altered Landscape: Cultural Policy and Management in Ireland conference was a collaborative initiative, jointly organized by Pat Cooke (UCD), and Kerry McCall (IADT), Dublin, Ireland. It took place on Wednesday 25th June 2014, 9-6pm, in the Fitzgerald Debating Chamber, University College, Dublin.Full details of the conference programme are incuded in this special issue, which publishes selections from the conference and reflections from its participants. See also: http://www.culturalpolicyconference2014.ie.