Volume 2, 2014

Volume 2, 2014

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Transient Places: The Public Benefits of Short-Term Artist-Led Spaces

This paper explores the role of transient artist-led spaces in Ireland, and looks to discern whether short- er-term initiatives may become a strong model for sustaining artist-led activity in Ireland. It focuses on identity of local places for individuals and societies, and the role that artist-led initiatives have in altering this identity.

Key words: Artist-led space, transience, place, identity, urban development

Just Public Mausoleums? Museums and Intangible Heritage: A Case-study of the National Museum of Ireland – Country Life

A case study that outlines an approach to how the intangible and tangible dimensions of heritage can be more effectively interwoven in museum exhibitions and programming to provide a richer visitor experience. 

Key words: intangible heritage, ethnographic museums, museum exhibitions.

Feelings Matter: How Curatorial Practice can be Informed by Insights on the Dynamics of Artists’ Emotional Experiences

This article uses evidence from qualitative interviews with six visual artists. Analysing thier own accounts of their artistic processes, the research  tentatively proposes that there may be a commonality of emotional experience when it comes to producing artistic work, specifically in relation  feelings of engagement, disengagement, fear, a sense of constriction, freedom and relief. The implications of these findings for contemporary curatorial practice are explored.

Key words: Artistic process, feelings and emotions, contemporary curatorial practice, arts management, mu- seum and gallery studies

REVIEW: Sustaining Cultural Development: Unified Systems and New Governance in Cultural Life (Biljana Mickov and James Doyle, eds.: Ashgate, 2013)

This article reviews Sustaining Cultural Development: Unified Systems and New Governance in Cultural Life, edited by Biljana Mickov and James Doyle (2013). 

Key words: cultural development, Europe, arts management, diversity, identity

REVIEW: Narrative, Identity, and the Map of Cultural Policy: Once Upon a Time in a 44 Globalised World (Constance DeVereaux and Martin Griffin: Ashgate, 2013)

The article reviews Narrative, Identity, and the Map of Cultural Policy: Once Upon a Time in a Globalised World, written by Constance DeVereaux and Martin Griffin (2013), which explores narrative as a conceptualisation within cultural policy discourse.

Key words: cultural policy, research, narrative, identity, discourse


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