Volume 1, 2013

IJAMCP_Volume 1_2013

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This article announces and details the rationale and aims for the Irish Journal of Arts Management and Cultural Policy from the perspective of the Editorial Board.

Key words: arts management, cultural policy, Ireland, research, journal


Professor Emeritus of Psychology, University College Dublin, CiarÁn benson, outlines the important contribution a research-focused journal on arts management and cultural policy could present the island of Ireland.

Key words: research, arts management, cultural policy, Ireland

Toward Creative Europe: Irish Performing Arts Organisations and the EU Culture Programme

This paper presents statistical and qualitative research on the Irish peforming arts sector’s engagement with the EU Culture Programme from the Irish perspective with an emphasis on the performing arts sector arguing for  a clear national policy on the provision of support to organisations in a position to leverage EU cultural funds.

Key words: EU culture programme; Irish performing arts; Irish international arts policy; cultural funding, EU cultural policy; European cultural cooperation

Tapping the Culturati: An Underexploited Source of Private Finance for the Arts in Ireland

The paper asks why cultural organizations in Ireland, in contrast to the UK, raise so little finance from private individuals, and in particular from those who go regularly to live performances or to galleries and museums, proposing that cooperation among cultural organizations could facilitate the reclamation of income tax on donations and carry out cost-effective fundraising campaigns.

Key words: cultural subsidy, tax relief, philanthropy

Safeguarding Giving: The Volunteer and the Intern

This paper examines the growing prevalence and status of volunteers and interns in the Irish non-profit cultural sector in the context of rising unemployment and the development of new welfare policies  after the 2008 crash, calling for greater transparency and policy development regarding volunteerism in the sector.

Key words: Volunteer policy; internship; philanthropy; volunteer management; unemployment

Challenging the Literacy of ‘Literacy and Numeracy’: The Potential for Film and Moving Image Media in the Irish Educational Landscape

This paper argues for the need of greater and more strategic presence of  media literacy curriculm within Irish education.

Key words: film, media literacy, Irish curricula, education policy

Where Do They Stand? Deviant Art Institutions and the Liberal Democratic State

This paper analyses a case study of the public seminar, What Do You Stand For: Who’s Afraid of Solidarity?, held at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin in 2012, in order to unpick  the relationship between visual art institutions and left-wing political ideologies.

Key words: art institution; politics of resistance; new institutionalism; art collective; interstitial

Editorial Board:
Pat Cooke (University College Dublin); Emily Mark-FitzGerald (University College Dublin); Kerry McCall (Institute of Art, Design & Technology Dun Laoghaire)

Assistant Editor:
Victoria Durrer