Peer Review Panel

All research articles submitted to the Irish Journal of Arts Management and Cultural Policy are double blind peer reviewed. There is no formal peer review panel and researchers are invited to recommend up to three potential reviewers.

One volume is published annually plus occasional special issues. The journal aims for peer review to be completed and returned to the editor within eight weeks of receipt of articles. While special issues vary, peer review is usually completed between October and February.

While there is no formal panel, the editorial board would like to hear from researchers who work within the scope of the journal’s interests and who would like to be approached to act as peer reviewers. These may be academics within institutions, independent academics and those in research roles in other fields. Expertise in Irish-based study is not required.

If you feel this is of relevance to you, please make contact with a member of the editorial board outlining your research interests and where you see relevance to the journal’s focus as well as contact details.


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