Policy and Report Reviews

The IJAMCP welcomes reviews of policies from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, which are here defined as a formally written strategy or plan of action that is wholly, or in part related to, creativity, arts, culture and heritage. It can be either state or non-state initiated, but it must exist in the public domain.

Policy reviews may take the form of:

  • A formal, critical appraisal or critique of a new or current policy, or
  • Comparison of policies in different countries, or over different periods of time

We welcome submissions from practitioners, artists, academics and policymakers.

Examples for review might be

  • Culture 2025 (ROI)
  • Archaeology 2025 (ROI / NI)
  • Arts Council Ireland’s Framework for Collaboration (ROI)
  • Arts Council Ireland’s Paying the Artist (ROI)
  • Northern Ireland’s Strategy for Culture and Arts, 2016 – 2026

We also welcome reviews of policies from any (but not limited to) the following types of organisations:

  • Arts Council Ireland
  • Creative Ireland
  • Arts Council Northern Ireland
  • Northern Ireland Executive
  • Heritage Council
  • City / county cultural plans and strategies (NI / ROI)
  • Community Plans (NI)
  • Relevant strategies and plans for wider remit developmental organisations (e.g. Arts and Disability Ireland, Create, Theatre NI, Visual Arts Ireland, Irish Museums Association, Voluntary Arts Ireland, Irish Film Board, NI Screen)

We also welcome individuals to propose policies for review. Please contact the Editorial Board if you’d like to propose a policy.


Please contact the editorial board via email with the details of the policy you wish to review and a short academic/ professional CV.

Guidelines for reviews:

Policy reviews should be a maximum of 1 – 2,500 words in length and should adhere to the journal’s style guide. If you wish to include references, a maximum of 5 is suggested.


Authors are asked to provide a short biographical statement of 50 words maximum, in particular declaring any interest in relation to the policy.


Reviews will be edited by the editorial board to ensure that they are in line with the editorial policy of the journal, and to ensure that the review is in keeping with the journal style guide. All changes will be submitted to the author as a proof before publication.


Information on the style guide used by the IJAMCP can be found here.

Contact Dr. Phil Ramsey for details regarding book reviews: pt.ramsey@ulster.ac.uk




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