New Voices

At the heart of our revised editorial policy for the Irish Journal of Cultural Policy and Arts Management is a desire to reflect a wider and more varied range of voices engaging with questions of policy and cultural management on the island of Ireland. One strand among these voices is the often excellent analysis and case-studies to be found in minor and major theses at taught masters and MLitt level in our third level institutions. Here we offer an opportunity for the best of this work to be disseminated within the cultural sector, where it can have real impact, and perhaps stimulate further research of the given topic.

We are therefore inviting directors and lecturers of relevant programmes to nominate recently-completed theses, demonstrating exceptional research and analytical quality, that might be rendered into short, synoptic articles of no more than 3,000 words for publication in the Journal.

Eligible articles will:

  • Draw from a Masters-level thesis (level 9) completed in the previous two academic years,
  • Demonstrate a high level of academic achievement  (generally at 2:1 or first class-level),
  • Be written in a fluent and engaging style,
  • Be subject to editorial review, but not to peer-review.

The article should be written to include the following elements:

  • A short introduction briefly outlining the aims and findings of the thesis,
  • A more expansive section outlining the main research findings,
  • A concluding section, highlighting  key conclusions and/or recommendations for changes in policy or practice in the subject area,
  • A list of source references not exceeding twenty in total (included in word count).

The overall aim of these pieces will be to provide a concise description of the research project, combined with a clear statement of the implications for policy or practice. It is envisaged that each issue of the Journal will carry not more than five such articles. Selection of suitable articles will be made by the editorial board, whose decision will be final.

Other terms to be observed:

It will be the author’s  responsibility to ensure that permissions and clearances are secured for all content.

For style guide, please see the relevant sections of the Author Guidelines here:

All submitted work should clearly state whether it has been prepared in compliance with the research ethics guidelines of the home institution.

Please ensure you review the Style Guidelines for the overall Journal, available here.

Essay Template

All elements not to exceed 3,000 words


Introduction [not exceeding 500 words]

A brief, summary description of the research project and its conclusions

Main section [between 1500-2000 words]

(a) brief description of the objectives and research methodology

(b) a substantial account of the research findings

Conclusion [between 500-1000 words]

Summary presentation of research findings and/or recommendations

Where appropriate the conclusion might also indicate the potential for further research

List of references [not exceeding 20 entries]

Contact details regarding new voices is Patrick Collins:


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